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The 74% per annum growth rate in the utilisation of online marketplaces perhaps not surprising given predictions that online sales with reach 50% of all retailing by 2030, and possibly as early as 2025. Few businesses in 2021 can afford not to sell online.  Alas many lack the funds, expertise and time to do so. An online marketplace provides a highly cost effective platform for SME retailers, wholesalers and service providers to sell online without developing their own expensive solutions and without the requirement for advanced IT skills.


> Online initial purchasing and home delivery

> Click and collect purchasing (now sitting at around 70% in the UK)

> Online supplementary shopping once a relationship is established


 Features include:


  • Robust construction in Ruby on Rails.

  • Fully customisable – including branding.

  • Unlimited vendors

  • Unlimited customers

  • Unlimited transactions

  • Member and non-member purchasing

  • Member discount capability

  • Easy to buy a product.

  • Easy to manage shops.

  • Easy to administer.

  • Vendors operate their own shops.

  • Wholesale capabilities.

  • Retail capabilities.

  • Can integrate with an online community.

  • Fully customisable.


Staggeringly easy to install, customise and use, SHOPPING LINK is arguable the most accessible market platform on the market.

Shopping Link has an unlimited capacity for retailers and wholesalers.

Single shop sites, utilising the SHOPPING LINK platform, are also available. These sites can stand alone or link to an existing website.  All relevant features available with the marketplace are also available on the single shop option. 



The fact that 61% of US corporations now have or are developing an online community is hardly surprising given the significantly lower cost communication, high quality data and customer loyalty that an online community delivers.  In 2021, the predictions are that 90% of businesses will have an online community within 5 years. It is also predicted that this will drive further reductions in the cost of communication, increases in the quality of data and level brand loyalty. 


 > Profiling audiences - to tailor the offering and communication

 > Streamlining communication – to reduce costs

 > Engaging audience members – to build brand loyalty


Features include:

  • Robust construction in Ruby on Rails.

  • Fully customisable – including branding.

  • Unlimited members.

  • Unlimited content.

  • Member and non-member access.

  • Easy for users.

  • Easy for content providers.

  • Easy administration.

  • Caters for all forms of content.

  • Realtime capabilities.

  • Member customisation is available.

  • It can be integrated with online retail.



 Arguably the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective community platform on the market,

COMMUNITY CURATOR can be customised to meet the specific requirements of individual users.

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